Role Model Alumni

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“I think it’s important for girls growing up, and young women, to have one in every walk of life. So from that point of view, I’m proud to be a role model.”  Sally Ride, physicist and NASA astronaut

2018 May Prep-Pro Workshop at the Medical College of Wisconsin

2017 team photo MCW

From left to right

Seated: Mary Becker (Lee Hecht Harrison), Dianne Robinson (Wisconsin DNR), Mirjana Curie-Bawder (Chr Hansen), Megan Slaker (Medical College of Wisconsin), Arie Carpenter (Chr Hansen)
Standing: Jody Herbert (EgGS Initiative), Debra Rudan (Lee Hecht Harrison), Laura Zane (Northwestern Mutual), Dana Guthrie (Johnson Controls), Lucia Galezewski (Rockwell Automation), Marie Lopez (Rockwell Automation), Megan Wimmer (GE Healthcare), Hayley Olds (USGS),  Teresa Hutton (Johnson Controls), Diane Golden (Rockwell Automation), Angela Klawes (Waukesha Metal Products), Allison Parra (Baird), Abri El-Alfy (Medical College of Wisconsin), Marisol Coriano (Rockwell Automation), Jenna Miller (Baird), Sandra Pfister (Medical College of Wisconsin), Greer Jordan (Medical College of Wisconsin), Brook Stadel (Northwestern Mutual), Hanna Yusuf (UW-Milwaukee Neuroscience), Nicole Ferrara (UW-Milwaukee Neuroscience), Keri Lydon (UW-Milwaukee School of Fresh Water Sciences)


2017 May Prep-Pro Workshop at the Medical College of Wisconsin

2017 team photo MCW

From left to right

Front row: Mary Becker (Lee Hecht Harrison), Celeste Cuffie (Life Empowered Consulting), Mirjana Curic-Bawed (Chr Hansen), Dana Stevens (Manpower), Bridget Quick (Harley-Davidson)
Second row: Debbie Rudan (Lee Hecht Harrison), Negin Salami (Johnson Controls), Maribel Marquez (MCW), Arie Carpenter (Chr Hansen), Sandra Pfister (MCW), Sasha Demian (Level 3 Communications), Melinda Dwinell (MCW), Rashmi Sood (MCW)
Third row: Shannan Vlieger (Douglas Dynamics), Michelle Waite (Harley Davidson), Kristin Roth (Rockwell Automation), Abby Huebner (Northwestern Mutual), Megan Wimmer (GE Healthcare), Shauna Rsmussen (MCW), Janette Braverman (Rockwell Automation)


2017 April Prep-Pro Workshop at Johnson Controls

2017 team photo JCI

From left to right

Front row: Tamara Watkins (Johnson Controls), Jamie Cho (Rockwell Automation), Ann Krieger (Rockwell Automation), Mia Pelowski (Johnson Controls), Angela Klawes (Waukesha Metal Products), Jen Tuscher (UW-Milw Neuroscience), Nicole Ferrara (UW-Milw Neuroscience), Dr. Sandra Pfister (MCW), Hanna Yousuf (UW-Milw Neuroscience)
Back row: Dr. Linda Rivers (Johnson Controls), Negin Salami (Johnson Controls), CJ Neville (Johnson Controls), Arie Carpenter (CR Hansen), Teresa Hutton (Johnson Controls), Alice Johnson (Johnson Controls), Breeyn Greer (Kapur & Assoc), Dianne Robinson (DNR), Brooke Stadel (Northwestern Mutual), Hayley Templar (USGS), Lisa Taxier (UW-Milw Neuroscience), Corrie Prunuske (Johnson Controls), Sarah Lephardt (Johnson Controls)


The 2016 Role Models

From left to right;

Front row: Dr. Mirjana Curie-Bawden (Chr Hansen), Katherine Schoen (Baird), Dana Stevens (Manpower),
Jamie Cho (Rockwell Automation)

Second row: Dr. Leah Holberg Woods (Medical College of Wisconsin), Dr. Rupa Udani (Blood Center of Wisconsin), Hayley Templar (US Geological Survey), Arie Brenner (Chr Hansen), Dr. Sandra Pfizer (Medical College of Wisconsin), Debbie Rudan (Lee Hecht Harrison), Dianne Robinson (Wisconsin Dept of Natural Resources), Dr. Rashmi Sood (Medical College of Wisconsin)

Third row: Tamara Watkins (Johnson Controls), Megan Wimmer (GE HealthCare), Abby Huebner (Northwestern Mutual), Kelly O’Callaghan (Centare), Bridget Quick (Harley-Davidson), Sharniece Covill (Blood Center of Wisconsin), Mary Becker (Lee Hecht Harrison)

Not pictured: Amy Fallucca (Centare), Mia Pelowski (Johnson Controls), Amy Pentek (Johnson Controls)


The 2015 Role Models

role model group 2015 small

From left to right;

First row: Dr. Veronica Flood (Medical College of Wisconsin), Dr. Udani Rupa (Blood Center of Wisconsin), Kari Turtinen (Northwestern Mutual), Kenna Spencer-Dobson (Wisconsin Dept of Transportation), Dr. Sara Szabo (Medical College of Wisconsin), Arie Brenner (Chr Hansen), Dr. Mirjana Curic-Bawden (Chr Hansen)

Second row: Sharniece Covill (Blood Center of Wisconsin), Laura Zahn (Northwestern Mutual), Dr. Rashmi Sood (Medical College of Wisconsin), Tamara Watkins (Johnson Controls), Debbie Rudan (Lee Hecht Harrison), Michelle Waite (Harley-Davidson), Mary Becker (Lee Hecht Harrison)