The EgGS Initiative provides resources and experiences for girls to be better prepared for a STEM career. Students have opportunities to learn from and be inspired by women who are successfully navigating careers as STEM professionals. Programs offer students insights, knowledge and strategies to more confidently pursue their own STEM academic and professional career.

woman in scienceVISION
By offering girls opportunities to interact with successful STEM professional women – role models – they will be better prepared to thrive in fields traditionally dominated by men.

“Role models really matter. It’s hard to imagine yourself as something you don’t see.” Chelsea Clinton

EgGS encourages schools, professional organizations and regional companies to collaborate to bring students and professional  together to discuss roles, explore strategies and work on skills essential to succeeding in a STEM career.



Workshops introduce girls to skills such as networking, personal advocacy, effective communication and others that professionals need to ensure their long-term success. EgGS structures programs that simulate work environments and professional settings. They are designed to be personal, engaging and authentic experiences that develop insights and confidence.


“Thanks for letting me attend the EgGS workshop. It was amazing… I learned a lot and have new ideas of what I want to become. I also learned that I want to be like the women I met.” — Junior, Homestead High School